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PRECORP’s PCD process is the method for making unique shaped diamond edges which enables the creation of innovative diamond tooling solutions for common and special problems.

PCDprocess-step1-aeroSTEP 1
A carbide blank is slotted and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) powder is inserted.

PCDprocess-step2-aeroSTEP 2
The carbide blank is inserted into one of Precorp’s high-pressure, high-temperature presses and subjected to 2,700 degrees F and 876,000 PSI. In this process the diamond powder is compressed and the diamond crystals are bonded to each other and to the carbide blank.

PCDprocess-step3-aeroSTEP 3
The PCD nib is then brazed to a solid carbide shank. The braze is located sufficiently away from the tip of the tool to avoid any potential thermal damage. This allows the use of a high-temperature, high-strength braze joint between the nib and the carbide shank.

PCDprocess-step4-aeroSTEP 4
The drill geometry is ground to produce the finished PCD tool. This patented process allows for many tool geometries that are impractical and/or impossible using conventional PCD insert processes.

If you have a hole generation process or future project, take advantage of Precorp’s expertise and history.
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