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Precorp Engineers Cutting Tools Specifically for Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel is a popular material that is used across multiple industries. Its advanced properties make it a difficult material to machine. Combining stainless steel with other aerospace materials can further complicate the drilling process, especially when trying to achieve precise holes.

The challenge of stainless steel when stacked with other material is the difference in hardness. Chips formed from stainless steel during the machining process are harder than the surface of the aluminum or composite materials. This results in the erosion of the softer material and leads to an oversize hole in the composite or the aluminum.

Precorp has developed specific geometries to address the erosion problem of materials when they are stacked with stainless steel. These geometries produce precise holes when both drilling and reaming. They may be applied to any custom tool design as the method requires.

Case Study


In an airframe structure application, stainless is stacked with aluminum and or titanium. The challenge is to maintain close hole tolerance across two materials with different property. Chip control and cutting action are critical to achieve acceptable results. The 30MD was designed specifically for drilling stainless steel when stacked with other metallic materials.

  1. Chip Control
  2. Excellent surface finish
  3. Low exit burr
  4. Close hole tolerance
  5. Long tool life