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Precorp Engineers Cutting Tools Specifically for Metal Matrix Composites
Metal Matrix composite

Precorp Offers Diverse Carbide, Coated Carbide and PCD Solutions

Metal matrix composite (MMC) is being chosen for an increasing number of applications because of its tensile strength, stiffness, thermal conductivity, weight, and corrosion and wear resistance. The most common forms of MMC found in the market place today are aluminum based composites with various amounts of silicon carbide or tungsten carbide particles. A die cast material with 15% or 20% silicon carbide is being marketed as a replacement for cast iron in a number of aircraft and automotive applications. Precorp’s engineered cutting tools offer a great solution for drilling metal matrix composite.


PDF fileDownload the Duralcan Composites Machining Guidelines

Case Study

70 Series

Duralcan states in their machining guidelines: ‘By far the most cost effective cutting tool material is diamond. Carbide tools should not be used except in operations for which diamond tools do not exist, or for non-production tasks such as roughing out prototypes.’
Feed rates should be reduced as hole depth increases or drill diameter decreases. In one recent study with Duralcan’s F3S.20S-T6, (an aluminum based MMC filled with 20% SiC), speeds of 492 SFPM combined with feeds of 75 IPM provide the lowest wear rate for a .2510 diameter PCD Drill.

  1. Produces minimal exit burr
  2. Excellent surface finish