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Precorp Engineers Cutting Tools Specifically for Die Cast Aluminum

Precorp Offers Diverse Carbide, Coated Carbide and PCD Solutions

Die cast aluminum is widely used in many industries. The demand to lower cycle times in the machining of this material is increasing steadily. Implementing the use of PCD tooling reduces the overall part cost and improves component quality while reducing machine down time. PCD improves surface finish and overall part quality. PCD tooling may improve tool life 5 times over solid carbide or carbide tipped tooling. Precorp’s offering for die cast aluminum machining and quality objectives are in line with the demands of industry and those looking for a quality tool, on time, at a fair price.

Precorp’s competencies in rotary tooling are PCD and solid carbide tools which includes single diameter or multi step drills and reamers, along with steel body form tools with integrated shanks and an assortment of holders from HSK to CAT. Due to the ever increasing demand to machine parts at higher faster rates, Precorp tools are designed to meet those demands and maintain hole quality.

Case Study

8054 Valve Body Reamer

Valve Body Reamer

The Precorp transmission valve body reamer is a PCD step reamer for finishing close tolerance holes in die cast aluminum. It is specifically designed to handle the difficulties of machining parts that have numerous interrupted cuts while maintaining hole straightness. Its features include elongated CD inserts, highly polished flutes and margins and reduced carbide diameters. The reamer produces excellent hole quality without sacrificing cycle time.

  1. Superior hole concentricity in the interrupted cuts
  2. Reduced heat and friction
  3. Excellent surface finish
  4. Free flowing chip evacuation
  5. Increased tool life