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Precorp Engineers Cuttng Tools Specifically for Ceramics and Reinforced Ceramic Composites
Ceramic materials

Precorp Offers Diverse Carbide, Coated Carbide and PCD Solutions

Reinforced ceramic composites (RCC) are mostly found in R&D labs. They are characterized by a glass or ceramic matrix filled with reinforcing fibers. The targeted applications of this material are for aircraft engine parts where a light weight, high temperature structural material is required. To date we have had little experience with this material outside a few R&D efforts.

Drilling Reinforced Ceramic Composite (RCC)

Precorp’s experience with reinforced ceramic composite have been limited to a handful of R&D programs. The hardness of their ceramic matrix limits the speeds and feeds that are practical for PCD drills. In one study, 30 to 60 SFPM and feed rates of .0004 in (.01mm) per revolution yielded the best results. High speeds resulted in fine cracks in the hole wall. Softer RCC’s have successfully been drilled at 100 SFPM and feed rates of .001 in (.025mm) per revolution. More experience with this new material is needed to provide detailed guidelines.

Manual Drills
Drill Countersink
Collar Cutter, 3 FluteSolid Carbide Countersink, 3 Flute PCD Countersink