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Precorp Engineers Cutting Tools Specifically for Cast Iron

Precorp Offers Diverse Carbide, Coated Carbide and PCD Solutions

Cast iron is a common base material in multiple industries for components. Although commonly used it is an abrasive material that creates many machining challenges. When cast iron is cast, there may be pockets of elevated hardness. This complicates the machining process as tools must have the toughness to withstand these areas of high hardness.

Machining is complicated even further when this material is used in precision parts such as valve bodies for fluid power. Solid carbide round tools are the tool of choice when machining cast iron. These tools are capable of holding the precision required while providing the wear resistance and toughness required. Performance may be enhanced by applying a coating.

Precorp has full capability of designing and manufacturing special round carbide tools for cast iron and has the expertise to design precision drills, reamers and port tools for the best possible performance in cast iron. In addition we offer multiple coating solutions for enhanced performance. Precorp also offers full regrinding service of all for their cutting tools.

Case Study

Solid Carbide Coated Port Tool

Precorp is committed to designing and manufacturing quality precision cutting tools and providing PCD and carbide tooling solutions for the ever changing applications of its customers. Precorp has a wide range of tooling for specific applications including the solid carbide port tool for cast iron.

Solid Carbide Coated Port Tool Advantages:

  1. Three flute tool
  2. Maintains accurate roundness and straightness
  3. Improved surface finish
  4. All specifications and dimensions are custom per customer’s requirements
  5. Re-grind capable resulting in lower cost per hole