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Precorp Engineers Cutting Tools Specifically for Aerospace Aluminum

Precorp Offers Diverse Carbide, Coated Carbide and PCD Solutions

Aluminum is the most common material used in air frame construction. Typical grades are 2000 series and 7000 series. The properties of these grades tend to be relatively soft. This creates challenges when attempting to drill accurate holes in one pass. Typically exit burr is the limiting factor with regard to hole quality. Solid carbide cutting tools such as drills, drill countersinks and reamers are the tools of choice when attempting to generate accurate holes in aerospace aluminum.

Specific aluminum geometries are available for all applications such as manual drilling, semi-automated drilling and automated drilling. Precorp offers drills and reamers for multi pass processes as well as combination drill countersinks for automated, one up, drilling processes. All of the geometries Precorp offers for aerospace aluminum address the challenges that are inherent in drilling aerospace aluminum. Challenges such as exit burr, interlaminate burr, hole precision and surface finish are all overcome with Precorp’s engineered cutting tool solutions.

Manual Drills
Drill Countersink
Collar Cutter, 3 FluteSolid Carbide Countersink, 3 Flute PCD Countersink

Case Study


PD140 Carbide Countersink

The Precorp PD140 is a solid carbide, combination drill countersink drill bit for drilling fastener holes in aluminum airframe structure. It is specifically designed for automated “one up” processes. It characteristics include highly polished flutes and coolant through design. This tool produces excellent hole quality which includes minimal exit burr and excellent surface finish, even in thin material.

  1. High helix geometry
  2. Highly polished flutes
  3. Coolant through
  4. Produces minimal exit burr
  5. Excellent surface finsh