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In an effort to continuously supply the most innovative cutting tool solutions, Precorp has acquired the most advanced poly-crystalline (PCD) tool manufacturing technology available today.

The use of lasers to manufacture PCD tools is growing, especially in the European market since laser cutting tool technology has proven to produce finer edges, with higher accuracy. In addition, 3 dimensional surfaces are now possible in scenarios such as chip breakers and helical PCD end-mills.

Precorp has this capability right now and is currently the only PCD tool manufacturer in the U.S. with this particular laser machine. We have already seen successes in our PCD mills and reamers and have even documented up to 20% performance improvement in milling. Not only does laser finishing of PCD improve performance but it also reduces manufacturing time which results in shorter delivery times. This technology gives us another strong competitive advantage for supplying innovative and superior cutting tool solutions to our customers.